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It's been a loooong time. Years have passed. The "Family Crentist" is now The Crentist Legacy.

Isabelle went to college, Shannon soon followed, with Codie and Lucky not far behind.

Though Isabelle was going steady with Gordon and Bruce when they were teens, the score was set back to neutral on the first day of college. They had to get to know each other all over again as young adults. This time Isabelle chose Bruce, a very handsome black boy, and this time, the relationship stuck.

They dated all through college, and got engaged at the end of senior year- much to the dismay of her entire family.

Unfortunately, at some point in their college careers, Bruce and Shannon had a brief,...experimental...fling. But it was a small fling, and Shannon initiated it.

Fortunately, Isabelle never found out. But Christoffer and Gina were devastated to see their son's "boyfriend" "cheating" on him. Oh well.

Isabelle and Bruce graduated and married, and everyone got pissed at the ceremony, lol

Eventually  Chris and Gina apologized to Bruce and all was well. They even began to want to be friends. Then Bruce ran into Shannon on a date with his soon-to-be fiance (an adult whom he's had a crush on since he was an under-aged teen!). Apparently there were still some slight feelings left, and Bruce threw a fit. The family felt the blow of this incident as well, and now, though they aren't enemies again, their scores have plummeted once more. *sigh*

But on the up side, they are both finally over whatever romantic interest they may have at one time had for one another, and can finally move on for good.

Bruce and Isabelle are still on their honeymoon...and will be bringing home a little "souvenier".

Lucky also got Lucky in college (technically he was the only one..hehe), and met Misa, his long-term fiance. They finally married after graduating and are also on honeymoon. They may be bringing back a souvenier and, with any luck, a little something extra~

As for the founders...

We finally moved into a new house. A beautiful mansion cristened Crentist Legacy Manor. Best part about the new house- the breathtaking full orchard in the backyard. In fact, we one day hope to open up a kitschy little bed and breakfast! Post-elder years of course.

Speaking of retirement, Christoffer recently quit his long-time job as head CEO (and going to work in a helicopter!!) after being the first Crentist ever to achieve permanent Platinum status (after graduating Isabelle, Shannon, and Codie and Lucky from college). He now goes to work in a car more crappy than any of his childrens'- but it's still a status symbol: he's livin' a dream! Now that the Crentists are more than well established financially (not that they ever really weren't....), Christoffer is focusing on his newest life-long dream, becoming a video game designer. ^_^ I think we can do that much. A Crentist can do ANYthing, after all.

For the new generationals....

Somewhere along the line the Crentists' were blessed with an equally coveted and unexpected surprise- identical twins! Twin girls- Ophelia, and Marilyn (born on the night of a Marilyn Manson concert). They would probably have had more matching names, but their identicalness really did come as a surprise- Marilyn was born AFTER Ophelia became had become a teenager. ::shrug:: go figure.

We also gave birth to baby Harley- the first girl to be born with skin like Gina's. She looks a lot like her, too.

Our newest baby was the first to be born in the new house. His name is Quinton. Harley and Quinton. They probably won't be identical twins. lol

Oh, and the absolute latest development- Shannon became the first second generation Crentist ever to achieve lifelong Platinum status, when he became a celebrity chef, like his mother! ^_^

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Oh my! So much has happened to the Family Crentist these past couple of days!

Let's see...well...

Isabelle ended up going steady with Gordon, though she's still in love with Vanessa. Gordon fell in love with Isabelle, I'm not sure if she ever fell in love with him. But they have the "going steady" symbol there instead now, anyway. Since her youthful romantic goal was to have 3 loves at once, she went out on the town on her own, scoped out a few places and, leaning-towards-lesbian that she is, picked up a new chick named...Dagmar. I don't know WHAT kind of name Dagmar is, but she's asian and has that custom Asian hair, so Isabelle was very attracted.

As a toddler, Shannon was nearly abducted by social services when the nanny up and left without warning!! He was left home alone, "unsupervised" for several hours before the bitch showed up and took him away. I didn't save the game, and we saved him by hiring an extra nanny. I would have fired the first, but we needed two.

Shannon grew into a child, and has only one niceness point. He gets along great with his family, but I don't know what this means for his future social life.

We (finally) invited the headmaster over to see about admitting Shannon. Unlike with Isabelle, who had an easy time getting in, this headmaster was a jerk. Nearly every time you tried to schmooze him he would react negatively. Every one in the family (even Shannon) tried to schmooze this guy, and at least 2 out of 3 times you would LOSE points instead of gaining them.

I prepared the same meal that the previous headmaster LOVED, I think we got a 46. Plus Gina's cooking skills were even higher than before. This headmaster gave us a 9. A nine! There was nothing wrong with Gina's salmon. (As a matter of fact, it made Christoffer fat right after he ate!)

I almost had Gina flirt with him as a last desperate attempt, but decided it wasn't worth risking an "affair" memory for this jerk, and resigned myself to the fact that Shannon would just have to go to Public School at least for a little while longer. However it was something Isabelle said towards the very end that FINALLY pushed our score to the passing line. Shannon got in with a score of 90/90 the BAREST minimum score for admittance possible! Close one. Good for Isabelle.

Speaking of which, she loves her younger brother. They are best friends, and she paid almost more attention to him as an infant than Gina and Christoffer.

Good thing she likes siblings. Yesterday Gina got pregnant again!

She gave birth today- and even though I missed recording the cut screen for the delivery, Christoffer actually "watched birth" this time, and was there to hold the baby after it was born.

I thought the screen said the stork was bringing TWO babies, but then it kinda glitched, and she only had one. Since Christoffer was there, she handed him the baby, and before we even knew whether or not it was a boy or a girl, Gina suddenly walked away. Fortunately I somehow hit the record button this time, as she made a weird noise, spun around, and pulled out a second baby from behind her back. lol

They are twin boys! Which I really wasn't expecting. I had names picked out for a boy and a girl, but not boy-boy twins!

I had to think of a cute set of twin names on the spot. We ended up naming them Codie and Lucky. =) One of them is darker than the other. He was also the one who was born second- so the darker one is Lucky, and the whiter one is Codie.

It's hilarious having twins, because they, and therefore the older sims, are always doing synchronized things with the two of them. They have two matching cribs side by side in Gina and Christoffer's room. They wake up crying at the same time, then get held by mom and dad simultaneously.

Gina's in a nice post-maternity outfit that Isabelle bought for her downtown. She wanted something more "motherly" than the same clothes she's been wearing since before she was married. She also wanted something comfortable. Isabelle actually came back with several outfits for Gina, but my favorite is the one she's wearing now while on maternity leave- a big comfy purple kimono with pink cherry blossom embroidery. Ahhh, it takes some of the stress off of raising twins. We're running out of room! Which may soon be a real problem if we can't get these kids out of the house fast enough- both Gina and Christoffer want to have TEN children now!

With as often as they THINK about adopting (That's the symbol with the pacifier and phone, right?), I think we should just go ahead and do it- adopt our next child. Would that count as one of ten children?

What else...

Isabelle has been advised to start applying for scholarships and getting ready for college. She still has six or seven days left as a teen, I'm not ready to send her off to become a young adult. She'll stay at home at least until her youngest brothers' birthday.

Oh, Chris isn't fat anymore, he worked that off relatively quickly.

Also, I think Isabelle may have some manner of superpower, since today when told to answer the phone while holding the baby, she set him to float in the air in front of her, and carried him with her all the way to her room while she took the call. When she was done, she hung up, picked him up again, and put him in his crib.


Tomorrow: Seasons! Christmas! Twins!

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Today, Isabelle went on her first date with Vanessa for real, and it went much better. There were no mishaps whatsoever. They went to the Crypt O' Night club, which provided a hip gothic background for Isabelle's first kiss.

The two of them ended their Dream Date, in love. There was a great cut scene recorded of the first kiss, unlike during the "practice date", where the fist kiss was wasted by "kissing lightly" on her own!

I forgot to mention that Shannon grew into a toddler yesterday, and is a cute baby boy. He looks a lot like Isabelle, and I've noticed that both of them (as compared to Isabelle's white girlfriend) ARE indeed tan, maybe not as dark as their mom, but somewhere inbetween, which is better than just plain white skin tone for the children.

Jack is fitting in well with the Family, however he growled at Gina when she scolded him for chewing the bed. She then scolded him for his hostility and he backed down. Then he peed on the floor. -.-

The house is all decorated for Christmas! I'm thinking of introducing Prince for Isabelle as a Christmas present.

I don't know if it was poor object placing or what, but the Christmas tree caught fire today. Isabelle called the Fire Dpt, and everything was saved, not even a burn mark, thankfully!

Isabelle now wants to have two loves, and invited Gordon over on the weekend, where they became best friends and both developed crushes on eachother.  I wonder who will end up going steady first? Will Isabelle be a lesbian, or a fickle bisexual?

And what of Shannon? Will he become a mean little terror when he get older?

When will Gina and Christoffer have the "try for baby" option again??

All this and more, and perhaps some new celebration items- which would mean a wedding for Jody and James- b tomorrow. ^_^

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Today, in the life of the Family Crentist, Isabelle went on her first date, and it was with Vanessa. However, the changes were not saved, so she has no memories of the event, nor are they any longer in love, as they were by the time the date ended.

It went quite well, with the exception of a bad conversation, and a clumsy mishap during a slowdance.

Shannon has grown into a toddler. He is a cute child, who looks like his sister, with potential to grow tp to be a very handsome Sim.

Christoffer came dangerously close to becoming an Elder, but after several doses of Elixer, is now 7 or 8 days away from his next Birthday. Gina and Christoffer must be kept young at least until all six children are born.

With today came the addition of Pets, along with Holiday and Family stuff (which will be officially added tomorrow)! Sampson was created, and is living with Jody and James.

Jack was also created, and is now living with the Family Crentist. He was bought to be Shannon's dog. Perhaps one day Shannon will breed Jack.

Tomorrow, little Shannon's aspirations must be met quickly before his next birthday, and a party should be held. I might employ extraneous means of 'stopping the clock' as far as his birthday goes, until his aspiration levels are platinum.

Isabelle got her first pimple/s today, and on a date with Vanessa too. Technically the date didn't happen, but the pimples were still there. She applied some acne cream and should be fine by morning.

With her new interest in boys, girls, friends and dating- as well as playing her base- her grades slipped down to a B+. Not too bad, but she is already aspiring to go to college, so tomorrow should be used at least as much for studying as for romance.

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Isabelle brought home a friend from school. Her first girl friend. Oddly enough, the flirt option was already there. In fact, there were already many interaction options between the two. I hadn't expected that of so new a friendship.

Gina was promoted to Executive Chef, and has her own kitchen and card blanche with her menu. There is talk of her soon developing her own franchise.

Isabelle went on an outing downtown with her new friend Vanessa(!!). This was Isabelle's second trip downtown, having first gone with Gerald. Again, she went to Hot- Cold Issue clothing. Where I assumed she'd be scoping for boys exhibiting her turn ons.

However, she and Vanessa hit it off so well, that Isabelle ended up literally charming her, and Vanessa reacted extremely receptively. Hearts immediately surrounded her thoughts, and she was all smiles after that. In fact, when Isabelle flirted with her, Vanessa gained about 500 aspiration points. One can (easily) guess what that was about...

They ended up having a "Rockin" time. They hugged friendly...then romantically. Vanessa hugged Isabelle romantically all on her own. They slow danced, Isabelle shot to platinum, and Vanessa ended the outing, very happy.

At first I thought Isabelle would be flirting with this girl as practice for the boy she's too afraid to flirt with. But they're both so happy and receptive to this new development...perhaps Vanessa will be Isabelle's first kiss after all. Perhaps Isabelle is gay...she hasn't yet had any inclination to flirt with Gerald specificially...I'm not sure if she has felt specific romantic wants towards Vanessa either. I suppose someone will win out in due time.

Shannon is on the brink of growing up. He was brought to his cake last night, but every time someone tries to "help with birthday", the action is somehow canceled out to simply "hold youngster".

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Though today is not day 1 of the adventures of the Family Crentist, it is day one of their chronicling.

Today, Isabelle grew up into a beautiful young lady, our very first teenager.  Her birthday party was a success. Her Uncle Evan came to visit, and they 'blew bubbles' together. It was a touching scene. If Evan comes around more often, the two could really bond.

Isabelle is gorgeous, and like all young teenage girls,she now aspires to her first kiss, crush, etc. Her turn ons are make-up, and custom hair (turn-off: gray hair. To keep the wolves away.) She's about to go through an "alternative" phase.

In fact, after her first day of...high school (private school, of course), she brought home a boy named Gerald, who wears a long black trench coat and Gothic makeup.  Perhaps it's time to change her own look, and take her out on the town.

To fit her new teenage sensibilities, and to make room for the little one, Gina and Christoffer let her have the study as her new (bigger) room. It's decorated in radical pinks and purples, posters on the wall, and  of course her birthday present- her bass guitar.

Shannon was born while Christoffer and Isabelle were away at work and school. Gina both aspired to have a baby, and feared so just as much. So points-wise, the event canceled itself out. However her love for her newborn sent both her and Christoffer straight to platinum.

Shannon is their very first baby boy.

And since Gina's new aspiration is to marry of six children, hopefully he will be the first of several.

Christoffer is now Vice President at work, and Gina is well on her way to becoming a celebrity chef. Instead of throwing all that away for a frivolous pursuit in law enforcement, she kept her Family aspirations, with a more practical (and satisfying) goal.

Today, like all days, was a very good, progressive day for the Family Crentist.

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